Press release
Amsterdam, 3
rd April, 2014

The Smart Index Company (TSIC), a Dutch index provider, is proud to announce its first index: the Dutch15-Index, as of today, 3rd April, 2014

The Dutch15-Index is a new Dutch equity index, with the key ‘Dutch only’, high liquid stocks.

Dutch investors seek a Dutch equity index with stocks they recognise; they seek a stable and predictable local index. They want consistent and pragmatic rules, a transparent, no hypes, real local, Dutch index.

The Dutch15-Index is doing just that.

The selection criteria of TSIC indices are based on stocks with the highest average market cap, are in the top 50 turnover rankings, a free float above 25%, and the stocks should be listed a minimum of two years on the primary exchange. TSIC local country indices will exclude ‘non-local’ stocks. The indices have an equal weighting at the launch, the Dutch15-Index stocks at 6,7% and on the, one, annual review per March, a floor (4,7%) and a cap (8,7%) weighting reset.

(for further details: see TSIC Family rulebook and factsheet on our website)

The Smart Index Company Dutch15-Index is maintained by Markit, has simple objective criteria, is easy to understand and easy to follow.

The index level at the start/launch is (€)10,000

TSIC’s Managing partner Maurice Tordoir: “We believe that TSIC indices, like the Dutch15-Index, are ideal indices to invest in. They are suitable to serve as the underlying value for trading ETF’s, futures, options and structured products. The Dutch15-Index live quotes, calculations and graphs, can be viewed as a ‘monitor’ page on our website. The Dutch15-Index is shown on Bloomberg, Reuters, is distributed via the VWD Group and visible on IEX websites; IEX media being our media partner”

The Smart Index Company Dutch15-Index constituents:

Aegon, Ahold, Akzo Nobel, ASML, DSM, Heineken, ING, KPN, Philips, Randstad, RD ShellA, Reed Elsevier, Unilever, Vopak & Wolters Kluwer


The Smart Index Company (TSIC)
Contact: Maurice Tordoir (Managing partner) Telephone: +31(0)654201074